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This is our in-house designed 16mm aluminium adaptor plate for Nissan CD009 gearbox to SR20 engine. The custom made plate will allow you to run the Nissan 350Z  6-speed gearbox behind your SR20 set-up, delivering more reliability than a standard SR box.

Comes complete with all bolts required, though you will need to have your CD009 gearbox bellhousing face machined (16mm) by an engineering shop – we use Active Engineering, 19 Parkway Drive Rosedale, Auckland.

This installation method of machining the bellhousing is regarded as a stronger option than using a thrust and flywheel spacer.

We recommend a hydraulic release bearing.

As we are not undertaking the installation of these when you purchase online, no warranty on your gearbox or engine is given or implied.

Please note these are made to order, so allow 1 week turnaround.



SR20det / CD009 adaptor plate designed in-house.

This adaptor-plate means you can mate the Nissan 350Z gearbox with your SR set-up, for more reliability than the standard SR box.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 3 cm