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There is always a risk when you push the limits, although the last thing anyone wants is to be involved in an accident, it's a very real possibility. We take your safety seriously and work closely with Motorsport New Zealand to ensure the rollcage you get is fit for purpose. Rest assured if anything happens in the future, we're able to repair it legally too. Plus we always take care of the paperwork so you can head straight to the track.


During most engine conversions you will run into a hiccup or two. Whether it be getting your gearbox in, plumbing new lines or the right length driveshaft, it can get challenging. If you want to save some money in the long run and have your build organised in a professional environment, feel free to hand us the reins.


Tube framing is a great feature to give your track car if you are regularly taking bodykits on and off, or want easier access to your engine bay. We mount all your panels and lights in the right place & can design the front of your car around your coolers and radiator to tie it all in. Not to mention it looks cool and makes repairs easier if you do make contact.


From custom manifolds designed for high horsepower application, through to V band exhaust setups. We arrange exhausts for street cars through to the highest track applications.


We're NZ's Northern-most dealer for Turbosmart Products, because we believe in quality. Whether you need a BOV, Wastegate, Fuel Pressure Regulator or silicone joiners to complete the picture, check out our online shop or flick us an email. Have you seen the latest red and purple options?


We all know how important cooling is for any performance engine. We offer custom V-mounted or rear-mounted radiator setups that increase water capacity, reduce heat and look awesome.


Through our trade contacts we can arrange and install coilovers, aftermarket steering and control arms for track or street use. Give us a call to see what we can arrange for your ride.


From sourcing the right fit intercooler through to the custom piping for best flow, we do it all. We always use quality Turbosmart joiners & can supply any of the other goodies you might need for peak performance.


Our journey began years ago in a garage. We were teenagers with big dreams that loved working on cars. I guess you could say we're now living the dream!

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We have a range of Turbosmart BOVs and wastegates available - if the one you want isn't listed please pop us an email and we will get it out to you ASAP - with the bonus of free shipping too!

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This gallery shows a variety of images showcasing some of our recent work.

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Call, email or drop into the shop for a chat.