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Performance vehicles are always under demanding requirements. Whether it be drifting, hard cornering or even braking, after a while the chassis can begin to flex. This can result in handling defects and in worst case scenario an accident. Our roll cages will stiffen up your whole ride and leave you with confidence that you are safe in the event of an accident. We also arrange all the paperwork and logbook so you can head straight to the racetrack.


During most engine conversions you will run into a hiccup or two. Whether it be getting your gearbox in, plumbing new lines or the right length driveshaft, it can get challenging. If you want to save some money in the long run and have your build organised in a professional environment, feel free to hand us the reins.


Tube framing is a great feature to give your car if you are regularly taking bodykits on and off, or want easier access to your engine bay. We mount all your panels and lights in the right place & can design the front of your car around your coolers and radiator to tie it all in. Not to mention it looks cool and makes repairs easier if you do make contact.


From custom manifolds designed for high horsepower application, through to V band exhaust setups. We arrange exhausts for street cars through to the highest track applications.


DKM are a distributor of TDP steering components and through our trade contacts we can arrange coilovers, aftermarket arms & hydraulic handbrakes. Give us a call to see what we can arrange for your ride.


We all know how important cooling is for any performance engine. We offer custom V-mounted or rear-mounted radiator setups that increase water capacity, reduce heat and look awesome.


We are NZ's Northern-most dealer for Turbosmart Products. Check out our online shop or flick us an email if you can't find exactly what you're after - plus we offer free shipping on orders over $100.


Custom catch cans are always a cool part that seperates an engine bay away from the norm. We offer custom catch can designs that are legal for track use and optimal for engine breathing.


Our journey began years ago in a garage. We were teenagers with big dreams that loved working on cars.

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We have worked on some awesome pro cars over the years. Click here to see some of our D1 work.

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This gallery shows a variety of images showcasing some of our recent work.

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